About Us

Congratulations and best wishes to all of you on the Tech News Bangla website. I am Akash Biswas, the owner of tecbangla24.com website. I have loved technology since childhood. That’s why I created this website. Hope this website useful for you.

What do you find on this website?

This website provides daily technology related bangla news, mobile news, mobile tips and tricks, their lottery results, mobile problem solving, telecom news almost every day. Follow our website and get all tech news in Bengali.

Who is the owner of this Tech News Bangla website?

Akash Biswas is the owner of this tecbangla24.com website. Akash biswas is from Nadia district of State West Bengal. This tech news website is created entirely in Bengali due to the experience related to technology.

How many writers are there on this website?

We have a total of three journalists on this website. One is called Junior, the second is Amin and the third is the owner of Akash website himself.

Junior: new mobile reviews, lottery results are all done by this boy named Junior. But let me tell you that Junior is a fan of mobile since he was a child, that’s why he came to this website on his own as a writer.

Amin: This man shares telecom news, laptop news, mobile cell and smartphone tips and tricks news on our website every day.

Follow this website to get latest results, telecom news, laptop news and mobile cell related news.

Akash: The website owner himself provides daily tech news, all specifications of mobile before launch, new mobile launch schedule, in short feature leaks before mobile launch.

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