Highlights:  80 Hours  Lcd display IP7  Noise Cancelling

Donerton Wireless Earbud

Donerton Wireless Earbud 5.1 Headphones Price is: $25 for Silver color, $30.59 for Purple and $25 for White color.

Donerton wireless Earbud 5.1 Hedphones comes with 80 hours playtime.

This earbuds comes with advanced 5.1 Technology and pcb antenna for higher stable connection.

This Donerton Earbuds comes with HI-FI Stereo Sound Quality.

This Earbuds have updraded touch control.

This earbuds have IP7 waterproof, that's means no fear of rain and sweat.

The charging box is easy to carry and you can charge the wireless earbuds any time.

This Donerton earbuds comes with auto connect and smart touch control system.